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  • Grandpas-Firefork-1

    Grandpas Fire Fork

    A very simple, very clever piece of kit, all you need to do is get yourself a good strong stick then simple slide the folk over the end, it will firmly grip to the stick giving you a strong stainless steel folk perfect for cooking any number of things especially marshmallows and good old banger's.
  • Camp-Grill

    Camp Fire Grill

    Heavy duty steel frame with fold up legs for easy storage and a mesh grill plate perfect for cooking all kind of meats, fish, veg etc over an open camp fire it can also be used with skillets, griddles and dutch ovens.

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  • Billy-tin-nesting-set

    Billy Tin Can Camping Set

    When packed away this Billy Can Set all fits together inside the large pot and can then be stored in the Codura bag supplied with the Billy Tin Set great for saving space when camping!
  • Frontier Stove Water Heater 3

    Frontier Stove Water Heater

    This wonderful piece of kit holds three litres of water and is finished in brushed stainless steel. It wraps snugly around the first flue section of the Frontier Stove and sits ontop of the hotplate. Once the water has boiled the Water Heater can simply be turned to one side of the hotplate and the water keeps warm from the flue. The tap at the bottom allows continuous access to hot water.
  • Frontier Stove Bag

    Frontier Stove Bag

    Carry bag for the Frontier Stove. Although the stove packs away to form itself into its own carrypack,this extra bag will provide extra protection during transport and storage.Straps on top of the Frontier Stove Bag for ease of carrying.
  • Frontier Water Heater Bag

    Frontier Water Heater Bag

    Small zipped bag to conveniently store your Frontier Water Heater when not in use.