Bannock Bread Recipe

2 large handfuls wholemeal flower
2 large handfuls plain flower
3 table spoons baking powder
1 table spoon salt (optional or salt to your liking)
3 table spoons oil veg or olive oil
1 egg

Optional ingredients
The great thing about a bannock is that once you have the mix you can pretty much add what ever you like. For an evening meal bannock I like to add sliced olives and mixed herds or may be some garlic the choice is yours. For breakfast bread and one the kid’s love I add mixed dry fruit and all spice. There are no real measurements for this just do it to your liking.

Large 12” iron skillet but you can us a frying pan, upturned Dutch oven lid or griddle. One large plate or chopping board.

Put every thing in a large mixing bowl and start to add the water and mix with a spoon, you want it to be a of a porridge like consistency so that it will slowly run of the spoon do not be tempted to over mix the mixture as it will effect its raising ability. Once you have your mix you can bake it as it is or add in your optional ingredient.

To Cook
Place a good glug of oil in the pan and gently heat to a medium temperature you don’t want it very hot as it will burn the bread. Once the pan is hot and oiled all over you have two options you can make one large loaf or individual smaller roles. If you choose the loaf option then pour all the mix into the hot pan after about 5 minutes it should be possible to start to loosen the loaf from the pan after a few more minutes you can gently lift the side of the loaf to see how its doing if it looks nice and golden brown then you need to gently slide the loaf from the pan onto a large plate, re-oil the pan and re heat it once hot place the pan over the uncooked side of the loaf and turn it over back into the hot pan so the cooked side is now face up, return to the heat and cook until golden brown.

If you would like to do rolls then heat and oil the pan in the same way instead of pouring the whole mix in the pan just pour smaller amounts to make maybe 3 of 4 rounds at a time turning them when golden brown

If your pan is to hot the bread will burn very quickly. Lift the side of the loaf to check for burning. Try to use an even heat such as coals spread out from the fire. A gas burner can concentrate heat in the centre burning the middle of the loaf. To check if your bread is cooked though take a knife and push it into the centre of the bread if it comes out clean them it’s done.