Chinese wood pigeon

Diced Pigeon breast
Chopped Onion
Finley chopped Fresh ginger
Sliced mushrooms
Soy Sauce
Chinese 5 spice
Pita Bread

There are no real measurements just do it to taste but go easy on the ginger and 5 spice as it can overpower it.

Heat some oil in a dutch oven.
Add the pigeon and brown off.
Add the onion , ginger and mushrooms.
When the mushrooms and onions are cooked the pigeon should also be ready but best to check a piece if your happy its cooked through then add the soy sauce and 5 spice and stir well.

Place you dutch oven lid on some hot coals smooth side up you can them warm your pita breads on it. When warm fill the pita with your Chinese pigeon sit back and enjoy.