Roast leg of lamb in port, rosemary & garlic

1 Boned and rolled leg of lamb
Bottle of port
4 large onions
Fresh Garlic
Salt & Pepper
New potatoes

 Take your lamb and stuff it with the garlic and rosemary, peal and cut the onions in half and lay them in the bottom of you oven this will form the trivet and stop he meat from burning and sticking. Place the Lamb onto the onions poor on half the bottle of port season with salt and pepper. As shown in the pictures for an easy clean up you may wish to line the pot with foil. Place coals underneath and on top and slow cook for about an hour lift of the lid every now and then to check it is burning or if it’s not hot enough and add coals accordingly. After about an hour if things look like they are going well then throw the new potatoes in the pot and cook for about another half hr or so but this is all dependent on the size of the piece of lamb. You also don’t want the pot to dry out so if it looks like it is just add some more port and the potatoes will steam in the port and lamb gravy. Once you think it looks cooked then let it rest for about 20 minutes in the pot then carve and serve.